Flexi HR

Optimize Cost and Efficiency with Flexi HR by Pride

Flexi HR is an innovative approach to Human Resource Management that combines the best of both worlds – the cost saving of outsourcing and the convenience of an in-house HR Department. This concept has been gaining traction in recent years, as companies are looking for ways to reduce cost while still providing their employees with quality HR Services.

Pride acts as a strategic partner in sourcing the right skills-set to meet the company's staff and manpower needs. We can help you outsource your work for a more productive result. We can manage your projects from start to finish, providing support that is most suitable for your budget and requirements. We can help you with the following: employment law, absence management, grievance management, performance management, creation of appraisal processes, exit interviews, policies, documentations, and many other things.

Revolutionize HR Management

Furthermore, Flexi HR also provides access to a range of benefits such as employee engagement tools, talent acquisition support and compliance monitoring. We understand that every business is unique, so we customise our services according to your individual needs. Whether it’s day to day operations or special projects, Pride is here to provide the best solution possible for you!